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You say it like Cricket!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend, I’ve been busy as usual but it’s been a good busy for the most part!

I am excited to share some bits that have been made at my work over the weekend with the amazing Cricut machine!
I have issues with saying it properly though 😖 for some unknown reason I always want to say ‘cry-cut’ but hence the title of this post you don’t say it like that and I feel the scornful stare of those around me when I say it wrong. 😂🦗

However having said that I have some amazing stuff to share that has been made on the cricut explore air 2 machine, it is truly an incredible machine and you can do a ridiculous amount of crafts on it!
Lots of people think it’s only for paper craft but oh they couldn’t be more wrong! 😁

This was a bag made using the cricut machine. The air 2 cuts out the vinyl which you then simply iron on to the bag and it looks amazing!
I’m so excited to give this to my son’s teacher, she is truly an incredible person and I can’t thank her enough for everything she has done.. not only for my son but for being there for our family, she is one of those people in a million and I feel so lucky and blessed that she was his first teacher. Seriously thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Getting very emotional right now! 😭😂❤️

But moving on to the other item I want to show off.. 😊

This is a small scrapbook with a Belle vinyl, I’m absolutely in love with Beauty and the Beast and am completely crazy about this scrapbook!! Can you see the castle in her dress?! I can’t breathe!! 😂😱 
Again you simply use the cricut app to make your design and then the lovely machine cuts it out for you in a flash. This was made using a stick on vinyl and the finish it gorgeous!

I personally am very excited to learn more about the cricut explore air 2 as I’m not quite the whizz at it yet that I would like to be but I do plan on getting one very VERY soon so I can made more amazing items like these.