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Learning Wood Burning..

Hello again! So I’d like to share with you my pyrography art.. I made these a few weeks ago but thought I’d still like to share my work with you all so I hope you like them 😁

Some time ago I went into work to be greeted with a list of bits we could make and on there was pyrography. I hadn’t tried it before but have always wanted to so quickly scribbled my name next to it and grabbed some supplies from the store.

I was so excited to try this as I’ve always loved the way pyrography looks! I quickly got onto looking for an image I wanted to create and found a gorgeous mountain scene which worked perfectly with the wood slice I had chose to do my work on.
Thankfully I was also allowed to take a “practice piece” so I chose a wooden star just to have a play about with. My inner gamer came out in me with this one though as at the time I was not so patiently waiting for E3 to announce some news on my favourite games!!

Pikachu & Isabelle!! So cute!! Granted it’s far from perfect but for my first go I didn’t think I had done too badly! 😄
At first I was getting so frustrated because when I usually draw or hold any implement in my hand I hold it a bit strangely and very closely to the tip. Of course you can’t do with this tool for obvious reasons.. I like my fingers looking pink and fleshy and not like sausages peeled off a BBQ. 🌭🙃

At one point i did get frustrated and I had to walk away and take 10 minutes to gain my enthusiasm for pyrography again. But I always do this, getting frustrated and pushing yourself to do something just ends in more mistakes more frustration and and ugly art project at the end! 🤣
So just walk away and get yourself together!! 😁

Coming back with a clearer mind I powered through and this definitely helped me to learn the way the pyrography tool handles, how I felt comfortable holding it and what pressures I should use. I did Isabelle first.. her hair got a bit burnt though 🤣
I accidentally tilted to the tool whilst curving and the side of the nib got too close to her hair tuft and left a mark oops!! But lesson learnt Haha!! The rest of it turned out well I thought though even if it was a bit rough around the edges!
I finished it off by adding a bit of colour using ordinary colouring pencils.

Now I felt good about using the tool and so sketched out my design onto the wood slice. The tool was easy to use at this point and I felt comfortable with the techniques and handling. When you get started it doesn’t take much time at all and ends up being thoroughly enjoyable for the most part.. especially the smell!! Mmmmm.. I started getting very nostalgic about bonfire night! 🔥😅

But after about an hour I had finished it and I am very proud!! Once again I added a little colour but only using a white pencil this time as I loved it looking quite simplistic.


So hoorah for me!! I even made it through without burning myself as well!
This was challenging for me but I thoroughly enjoyed it and would highly recommend it to those who are curious about pyrography!!