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Home Sweet Home

Last Christmas in the sales I bought some decoupage bits and thought I’d give it a go as I had never tried it before and it looked like quite a relaxing craft to try. So after a few hours of cutting a sticking I had created this adorable little reindeer and absolutely loved it!!
However the papers can be quite expensive especially if you want to have more than one pattern on your creation so this had put me off trying it for a while but recently I had a hankering to do it again and had a lovely idea to create the word “Home” with each letter decorated in different paper.
But I finally decided to stuck it up and buy the papers Haha!! 😂

A little tip if you are a beginner in decoupage you NEED a stiff brush, this is to ensure your beautiful paper doesn’t bubble and you get into every crease of your work. You can buy proper branded decoupage brushes but I already had a stiff brush so I made it work. 😊

Prepared!! I had my letters, my gorgeous papers, my brush and mod podge! I have never used the proper decoupage glue because the price of it is CRAZY but mod podge is just as good in my opinion.

The papers I chose did kind of have a theme to them.. I chose the purple for me as it’s girly and I am the only female in my household!! (Hard times!! 😖😂) The scaly blue one is for my boys as they love dragons and dinosaurs, giraffe pattern because they are my FAVOURITE animal and the map one because I’ve moved around a lot throughout my life and I have always told myself it doesn’t matter where you live it’s the people who are with you that makes a home. ❤️

We got a bit sentimental there 🤣 taking you swiftly back to the decoupaging though, I started with the H and chose the purple paper then began cutting it up into medium sized squares.. the beauty of this is they don’t have to be perfect!

Next I covered a small area of the H in mod podge with my stiff brush and just started placing the squares sealing them in place with a layer of mod podge on top.

The only thing I would say is try and think about how the pattern is being placed, so you want the pattern visible and the colours spread evenly so you get everything out of that gorgeous paper!

So for me I wanted all my flowers spread quite evenly, there where also a few orange flowers on the pattern which I tried to spread out too to make them pop against the others.
Apart from that though it is pretty much a rinse and repeat craft.. just keep on going until the whole thing is covered. It is so easy and anyone can do it!

I thoroughly enjoyed making my little decoupage letters and I know proudly have it displayed in my home to greet me as I walk through the door. 😍