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Pouring the Ocean πŸŒŠ

I have wanted to do serious acrylic pouring for so long now that it just got to the point where I had to throw myself into it. Having said that though this is not my first acrylic pour.. my first acrylic pour was, well, quite dreadful! I won’t subject you to actually having to look at it but it was really bad and it did dishearten me for a while because it isn’t exactly a cheap art form either so I felt pretty crap for wasting all that money too.

Fortunately we were all asked to practice it at work not long after my rubbish attempt and I was shown how to mix the paint properly and what to use and it was quite different to how I had previously done it!!
And It actually didn’t turn out too bad!!

Hey I know it isn’t by any means perfect but i really like it and love the colours and there are even a few cells in there so I was over the moon about it! 🌝
That really helped to get my confidence back up though and now I felt like I knew what I was doing and thought I would give it another go!

I wanted to do a beachy kind of paint pour and thought I would do it on a large canvas as well because why not right?! πŸ™ˆ

I went off skipping to the shops and gathered my supplies:
🎨 Liquitex Pouring Medium
🎨 Silicone Oil
🎨 Lolly sticks
🎨 Cups
🎨 Heating tool (not as hot as a blow torch but can’t be bothered to buy one from ebay just yet!)
🎨 A BUTT load of paint!
🎨 An RUB lid
🎨 Obviously a canvas!

I actually didn’t do this at my own house I convinced my partner to let me do it at his flat haha! But there I was with my supplies and I was so excited to do this!!

I’m rubbish with measurements but I added about 1cm of water and the same amount of pouring medium into a plastic cup and stirred it then gradually added my paint until it was all mixed evenly and I had a good “runny honey” consistency.
I did this with all my lovely colours and started to pour them into another clean cup together.
I poured each colour in, gently running it down the side as I didn’t want the colours to muddy.. I know you can pour the colours in from a height etc. for didn’t effects and techniques but I just wanted to be safe so went with the careful approach. 😁


If you don’t know me all that well then you will soon learn that I am a doofus!! It is one of my biggest downfalls and I don’t know why my brain hates me sometimes .. 😞

So if you haven’t already worked it out… I forgot the damn silicone oil!!!

I didn’t add it to any of my colours and I was kicking myself so hard, at this point It was obviously too late so I tried dropping it in from a height to work it down through the paint I had already poured in the cup and dropped a few on top. Of course I quickly added it to the colours I hadn’t used yet as well and prayed I hadn’t messed it up already!!

I had all my colours (just about) ready now and was going to pour, yay!!
I thought I would do a dirty pour rather that a flip cup because I wanted the colours to stay somewhat separated across the canvas for the beachy effect I was going for.

I covered my canvas in white paint first because I’ve been told it helps the paint to spread with more ease other wise you can easily lose some of the effects when trying to run your painting.

I was so happy with the pour however I’m not sure how the blue got behind the yellow which annoyed me but oh well…

After I had tilted all the paint and my canvas was covered I put the heat tool on it but in all honesty I didn’t have much hope in the way of cells because I had messed up with the silicone and I couldn’t see any present but still gave it a go anyway.


So I did poke it for a while because I wasn’t overly happy with it but did eventually leave it alone.
It took around 2 days to fully dry and then I sprayed it with a gloss finish.


So this is my finished piece, don’t get me wrong I do like it and I do genuinely think it looks like the ocean.. sort of but I suppose I just wanted more?
It did turn out to have a few cells in there and I do love the way the paint has rippled!!
Things that have annoyed me.. the blue went behind the yellow, i wanted more cells and myself.. for forgetting the silicone oil!! 😩

But then this is what it is about when you try something new.. it is all trial and error and learning from experience. You always have to allow room for error because otherwise you’ll never enjoy what you are doing, take everything you do with a pinch of salt!

(not literally though..)

Thanks for reading 😊

Nicole πŸ’›

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Learning Wood Burning..

Hello again! So I’d like to share with you my pyrography art.. I made these a few weeks ago but thought I’d still like to share my work with you all so I hope you like them 😁

Some time ago I went into work to be greeted with a list of bits we could make and on there was pyrography. I hadn’t tried it before but have always wanted to so quickly scribbled my name next to it and grabbed some supplies from the store.

I was so excited to try this as I’ve always loved the way pyrography looks! I quickly got onto looking for an image I wanted to create and found a gorgeous mountain scene which worked perfectly with the wood slice I had chose to do my work on.
Thankfully I was also allowed to take a “practice piece” so I chose a wooden star just to have a play about with. My inner gamer came out in me with this one though as at the time I was not so patiently waiting for E3 to announce some news on my favourite games!!

Pikachu & Isabelle!! So cute!! Granted it’s far from perfect but for my first go I didn’t think I had done too badly! πŸ˜„
At first I was getting so frustrated because when I usually draw or hold any implement in my hand I hold it a bit strangely and very closely to the tip. Of course you can’t do with this tool for obvious reasons.. I like my fingers looking pink and fleshy and not like sausages peeled off a BBQ. πŸŒ­πŸ™ƒ

At one point i did get frustrated and I had to walk away and take 10 minutes to gain my enthusiasm for pyrography again. But I always do this, getting frustrated and pushing yourself to do something just ends in more mistakes more frustration and and ugly art project at the end! 🀣
So just walk away and get yourself together!! 😁

Coming back with a clearer mind I powered through and this definitely helped me to learn the way the pyrography tool handles, how I felt comfortable holding it and what pressures I should use. I did Isabelle first.. her hair got a bit burnt though 🀣
I accidentally tilted to the tool whilst curving and the side of the nib got too close to her hair tuft and left a mark oops!! But lesson learnt Haha!! The rest of it turned out well I thought though even if it was a bit rough around the edges!
I finished it off by adding a bit of colour using ordinary colouring pencils.

Now I felt good about using the tool and so sketched out my design onto the wood slice. The tool was easy to use at this point and I felt comfortable with the techniques and handling. When you get started it doesn’t take much time at all and ends up being thoroughly enjoyable for the most part.. especially the smell!! Mmmmm.. I started getting very nostalgic about bonfire night! πŸ”₯πŸ˜…

But after about an hour I had finished it and I am very proud!! Once again I added a little colour but only using a white pencil this time as I loved it looking quite simplistic.


So hoorah for me!! I even made it through without burning myself as well!
This was challenging for me but I thoroughly enjoyed it and would highly recommend it to those who are curious about pyrography!!

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You say it like Cricket!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend, I’ve been busy as usual but it’s been a good busy for the most part!

I am excited to share some bits that have been made at my work over the weekend with the amazing Cricut machine!
I have issues with saying it properly though πŸ˜– for some unknown reason I always want to say ‘cry-cut’ but hence the title of this post you don’t say it like that and I feel the scornful stare of those around me when I say it wrong. πŸ˜‚πŸ¦—

However having said that I have some amazing stuff to share that has been made on the cricut explore air 2 machine, it is truly an incredible machine and you can do a ridiculous amount of crafts on it!
Lots of people think it’s only for paper craft but oh they couldn’t be more wrong! 😁

This was a bag made using the cricut machine. The air 2 cuts out the vinyl which you then simply iron on to the bag and it looks amazing!
I’m so excited to give this to my son’s teacher, she is truly an incredible person and I can’t thank her enough for everything she has done.. not only for my son but for being there for our family, she is one of those people in a million and I feel so lucky and blessed that she was his first teacher. Seriously thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Getting very emotional right now! πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚β€οΈ

But moving on to the other item I want to show off.. 😊

This is a small scrapbook with a Belle vinyl, I’m absolutely in love with Beauty and the Beast and am completely crazy about this scrapbook!! Can you see the castle in her dress?! I can’t breathe!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜±Β 
Again you simply use the cricut app to make your design and then the lovely machine cuts it out for you in a flash. This was made using a stick on vinyl and the finish it gorgeous!

I personally am very excited to learn more about the cricut explore air 2 as I’m not quite the whizz at it yet that I would like to be but I do plan on getting one very VERY soon so I can made more amazing items like these.

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Home Sweet Home

Last Christmas in the sales I bought some decoupage bits and thought I’d give it a go as I had never tried it before and it looked like quite a relaxing craft to try. So after a few hours of cutting a sticking I had created this adorable little reindeer and absolutely loved it!!
However the papers can be quite expensive especially if you want to have more than one pattern on your creation so this had put me off trying it for a while but recently I had a hankering to do it again and had a lovely idea to create the word “Home” with each letter decorated in different paper.
But I finally decided to stuck it up and buy the papers Haha!! πŸ˜‚

A little tip if you are a beginner in decoupage you NEED a stiff brush, this is to ensure your beautiful paper doesn’t bubble and you get into every crease of your work. You can buy proper branded decoupage brushes but I already had a stiff brush so I made it work. 😊

Prepared!! I had my letters, my gorgeous papers, my brush and mod podge! I have never used the proper decoupage glue because the price of it is CRAZY but mod podge is just as good in my opinion.

The papers I chose did kind of have a theme to them.. I chose the purple for me as it’s girly and I am the only female in my household!! (Hard times!! πŸ˜–πŸ˜‚) The scaly blue one is for my boys as they love dragons and dinosaurs, giraffe pattern because they are my FAVOURITE animal and the map one because I’ve moved around a lot throughout my life and I have always told myself it doesn’t matter where you live it’s the people who are with you that makes a home. ❀️

We got a bit sentimental there 🀣 taking you swiftly back to the decoupaging though, I started with the H and chose the purple paper then began cutting it up into medium sized squares.. the beauty of this is they don’t have to be perfect!

Next I covered a small area of the H in mod podge with my stiff brush and just started placing the squares sealing them in place with a layer of mod podge on top.

The only thing I would say is try and think about how the pattern is being placed, so you want the pattern visible and the colours spread evenly so you get everything out of that gorgeous paper!

So for me I wanted all my flowers spread quite evenly, there where also a few orange flowers on the pattern which I tried to spread out too to make them pop against the others.
Apart from that though it is pretty much a rinse and repeat craft.. just keep on going until the whole thing is covered. It is so easy and anyone can do it!

I thoroughly enjoyed making my little decoupage letters and I know proudly have it displayed in my home to greet me as I walk through the door. 😍